Multi-dimensional Engagement

Social movements are about more than selling a product or advocating for a cause. It's about getting people, organisations and communities to rally behind an idea, injustice or problem to leave the world better than we found it. They go beyond marketing communications, tapping into the power of collective value to shape positive change.

Benefits to Social Movements


More meaningful
than branding.

More powerful
than marketing.


Amplify your own efforts exponentially.


6 Reasons Why you need a social movement

  1. Purpose driven demand is more robust than product selling or expectations of charity.
  2. Marketing communications is infinitely more boring than inspired narratives.
  3. Community building is stronger than charitable donations.
  4. Corporate communications should start leadership dialogues.
  5. Foster passionate advocates rather than scout star talent.
  6. Employee satisfaction should be about human engagement.

Things you need when building a social movement

Building a social movement isn't easy but a well-organised social movement will have some or all of the following in place.



Structured Collaborations

Plug-N-Play Programs

Sustained Momentum

Making movements happen

Be An Idea follows a simple methodology to create and manage social movements - 4A's for Social Movement.