Conversations should be easier to have

Ever thought conversations are hard to have? We felt the same. Especially for concepts or issues that are complex and multi-faceted, “just talking” about them often succeeds in confusing rather than clarifying. We feel conversations should be easier to have, and should help organizations engage people on the issues they want to address, illuminating the path to smarter decisions. That is why we have designed them to be more productive.

Our approach in 3 Steps


It Starts with

All conversations start with hello and working with us is no different. We invite all our prospective clients to meet us over a casual coffee where they can introduce us to the challenges to be solved with better conversations. We take the time to explain our methods and how we work. A little like a job interview, the conversation is designed to ensure that there is a right fit between us and our clients before embarking on a journey together.


Co-create the

We believe co-created solutions are better solutions. The Collaborative Briefing Session is a key step to introducing our clients to how we have more productive conversations. The facilitate session enables the client to brief us on what they want and in real-time, we begin designing the foundation for the workshop roadmap that will be used to deliver their facilitated solution. This collaborative approach means workshop design is more efficient, saving time and money.


facilitate the

Most of our facilitated solutions use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method either in whole or in part. Our facilitator poses a number of build challenges to the participants who build their answers, thoughts and ideas using LEGO® bricks. This enables everyone to “see” what is to be discussed and play with different ideas in real-time using the models. It fosters 100% participation from attendees, taps into knowledge locked away within them, and makes for more efficient decision making.