Our purpose and mission

Enabling conversations that matter.

Since its founding in 2011, Be An Idea has been involved in many different initiatives that have helped it evolve to what it currently represents today. As a small consultancy, we’ve delivered different work to various different clients and as a smaller business often as needs required. Some of the work is stuff that we’re tremendously proud of, like our monthly Fuze Night sessions, that showcased the narratives of social purpose organisations, and some of the work simply provided great learning experiences.

The collective experiences of the projects we’ve delivered and the people that we’ve engaged with over the years have led us to a simple powerful truth for us - conversations matter to making better decisions for ourselves, our organisations and our communities. We noticed that talk is cheap (it’s easy to do!) but the conversations that can inform the strategies for ourselves and the groups we belong to are much harder to have. Where we delivered projects that were useful, we found that we had those deliberate conversations that were important to the success of the project. And of course, we’ve learned from the times where we’ve either not had those conversations or just simply had too much talk.

Our mission is to enable conversations that matter. This lies at the heart of our philosophy and we do this designing them around three simple principles. Firstly, conversations should engage people and our solutions are designed to bring out participation from everyone involved. Secondly, conversations should be able to clarify complex issues if they are to be useful for the anyone and if there is only confusion at the end, it hasn’t been a useful conversation. Lastly, conversations should solve problems and the most rewarding conversations are the ones that work towards a purpose.

Today, we deliver facilitated events that help our clients deploy effective strategies for success whether it is small 1-to-1 sessions or a large scale dialogue series. While we work with clients from different organisations and disciplines, all share one simple thing in common - a desire for their conversations to have a greater positive impact for themselves, their teams and ultimately, their communities.

All great conversations start with hello, so say hello and let’s see how we can enable conversations that matter to you.

Meet the team


Nadim van der Ros
Founder and Principal Consultant

With over 14 years of experience in integrated marketing on both agency and client sides, Nadim has built brand equity for brands spanning a range of industries in countries and cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Nadim believes in building a better world and helping others to contribute to that vision. As a veteran marketer, he believes in creating shared value that has a measurable social impact. Nadim is also a Certified Facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.